Forest fires to be early detected by IoT

Posted 5 January 2018

In a response to a call for innovations for early forest fire detection in Spain and Latin America announced in late 2017, Every European Digital has proposed an IoT-based solution that need no external power to operate. It was assessed by the jury appointed by the call organisers as potentially reliable while inexpensive and will be further developed with a view of industrialisation.

Height clearance of power lines closely monitored

Posted 27 December 2017

Every European Digital has developed and delivered to a leading DSO a sensor for measurement of distance between the lowest point of power lines and the ground. This sensor can be easily installed on a power line while it is powered on and can send the height clearance information wirelessly over a distance of up to 30 km with no external power. The solution will be implemented in the sensitive places to ensure public safety and improve optimization of the power grid.

Smartmetering for energy efficiency

Posted 18 October 2017

A town in Wielkopolskie voivodship (Poland) is currently implementing energy saving measures in all public buildings and facilities. One of the activities within this programme is instant remote metering of all points of media consumption, including gas, heat, electric energy and water consumption. Every European Digital is proud to be involved in the above programme by providing radio equipment and connectivity as well as know-how for the purpose of smartmetering.

Smart postbox trial successful

Posted 21 August 2017

After 4 months of intensive prototyping and testing, Every European Digital’s team has delivered a retrofit transforming solution to existing Poczta Polska’s red postboxes. The solution is capable of sensing letters being dropped into the postboxes and detecting postboxes being emptied by the postmen. Data about these events can be transmitted wirelessly to the relevant departments within Poczta Polska, to improve logistics processes, reduce their cost and improve service quality. The retrofit sensors do not need external power, which allows the solution to be implemented at the very low cost throughout the country.


Posted 26 June 2017

Energy distributors own huge infrastructure that was built throughout the country and needs to be looked after in order to be efficiently used. Every European Digital has been selected to provide pilot implementation of power line monitoring solution to the Poland’s leading DSO. Selected parameters of high and medium voltage lines will be instantly monitored and the information collected will be sent wirelessly to the grid management unit. The solution may bring many benefits to the DSO, including reduction of power outages and cut-offs.


Posted 21 April 2017

Every European Digital will transform red collection postboxes of Poczta Polska (the postboxes used for outgoing mail) into smart postboxes. Selected postboxes will sense letters dropped into them and provide this information wirelessly to the logistics department so that letter collection logistics can be optimized.

The first phase of the project, starting now, is aimed at prototyping the solution and testing it in the real environment.


Posted 10 February 2017

One of European distributors of temperature-sensitive goods will instantly monitor the temperature in which these goods are kept throughout the journey to the retail outlets. Every European Digital will deliver temperature sensors with Sigfox connectivity allowing for maintenance-free collection of temperature measurements with no need for power supply.

This solution has been selected based on successful field testing and the winning combination of Sigfox technology features and the robust design.


Posted 15 December 2016

The largest utility in Central Europe in terms of number of customers served and Every European Digital have agreed to perform a smartmetering trial based on the leading LPWA technology. The purpose of the trial is to confirm radio features of the communication technology in various environments (high-rise city, rural) as well as overall reliability and power consumption. The utility company will eventually connect meters from several million households using technology that is convenient, hassle-free, reliable and inexpensive.


Posted 30 October 2016

Sensors developed by Every European Digital to monitor manhole covers against unauthorised intrusions have proven to be effective during a 6-months long trial conducted in real city conditions with Veolia. The main advantage of the product as compared to its alternatives is easiness of installation and very low number of false alarms that can be eventually filtered out completely using machine learning algorithms. Their design is furthermore optimised for low-cost mass-scale production.


Posted 1 August 2016

Every European Digital extends coverage of Sigfox network in Poland to central Upper Silesia (already in operation), Wrocław (soon) and Kraków (soon). These location have been selected due to service trials arranged with water utilites, security companies, facility managers and a technical university.
Further extention of coverage is planned in greater Warsaw area as well.


Posted 30 May 2016

IoT devices designed by Every European Digital are used or tested in many countries of the world, primarily in Europe. Recently they reached also Australia as Thinxtra, the Sigfox operator building the network in Australia and New Zealand, has decided to add them to their portfolio. Good luck with the continental network roll-out!


Posted 22 April 2016

On 21 April 2016, a representative of Every European Digital has presented a new product called IOTA Guardian at Corporate Demo Day organized at Google Campus in Warsaw by D-RAFT. The Guardian is a a smart sensor that monitors status of objects and recognises certain motion as suspected (i.e. typical for unauthorised intervention or manipulation) while filtering out motion that can be assumed as „natural” for this object. The main feature of this device is its independence from power supply allowing uninterrupted and maintenance-free service for over 10 years. The new product has attracted a lot of interest from the audience.

EEDP to develop a product with a global player

Posted 16 February 2016

Every European Digital has entered into a cooperation agreement with global industry player to jointly develop a specific industrial IoT solution intended to be marketed internationally. While subject and terms of the cooperation are confidential, this cooperation opens up a new stage in the business development of Every European Digital.

Sigfox’ Warsaw coverage extended

Posted on 12 January 2016

Sigfox coverage in Warsaw area has been now greatly extended after adding new base stations, including one at the top of one of the city’s tallest buildings. Effective coverage is available within the radius of 40 kilometres from the Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science reaching out to Tarczyn in the south and Serock in the north!

The world's first affordable manhole cover

Posted on 3 November 2015

At European Utility Week taking place this year in Vienna, Every European Digital has presented the world's first affordable manhole cover. The cover alerts its owner, over the internet, when it is severely hit or opened, with no intermediary telecom infrastructure needed.

Utilities have been waiting for such solution for years, so they could quickly detect theft or entry of strangers into their underground world. The connected cover presented by Every European Digital, that was designed in cooperation with one of the Warsaw utilities, has been praised by the conference attendees for its design and functionality.

Every European Digital to monitor energy distributor's dispersed assets

Posted on 8 October 2015

Every European Digital has signed a contract to provide devices and service for wireless anti-theft and performance monitoring of dispersed assets with one of Central Europe's largest energy distributors. The IOTA devices from EED's IoT portfolio operate independently from external power supply, working also during prolonged outages and with assets that have no access to power.

The energy distributor customer has decided to cooperate with Every European Digital after completing a trial which confirmed the excellent reliability and cost advantage of the IOTA technology solution as compared to alternative, tested parallely.


Posted on 15 June 2015

SIGFOX today announced the integration of its Internet of Things (IoT) network protocol in the new Samsung ARTIKTM platform and Samsung Ventures’ investment in the company. The integration is designed to extend the cost-effective and energy-efficient benefits of the network to the Samsung ARTIK developers designing IoT products and services around the world. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

“By integrating SIGFOX technology in ARTIK and including it in the platform’s ecosystem, Samsung is fueling innovation and making it very easy for developers to create new applications and services that will help deliver the potential of the Internet of Things,” said Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of SIGFOX. “Moreover, this integration positions SIGFOX technology as the ‘fourth protocol’ for Internet connectivity, joining GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi.” Every European Digital Poland runs a Sigfox network in Warsaw area and some other selected cities in Poland with plan of national roll-out.

Sigfox raises $115 million for 'Internet of Things' network

Posted on 12 February 2015

Sigfox has raised $115 million from several financial and strategic investors to help it build a global ‘Internet of Things’ networks to connect everything from smart meters to bicycles to the Internet. SIGFOX investors include  Spain's Telefonica (TEF.MC) and France's GDF Suez (GSZ.PA) as well as NTT Docomo Ventures (9437.T), SK Telecom (017670.KS), Air Liquide (AIRP.PA) and Elliott Management.

Sigfox's network covers currently France, Spain, the Netherlands, 10 of the UK's larger cities and some other cities. Money raised on Wednesday will finance a rollout in the United States, Latin America, Japan and South Korea.

Every European Digital Poland runs a Sigfox network in Warsaw with plans of national roll-out.

Apator and EEDP to bring new Sigfox-enabled devices to the market

Posted on 18 December 2014

Apator Telemetria, the wholly-owned telematics subsidiary of Apator, and Every European Digital Poland have agreed to jointly develop new Sigfox-enabled smart metering devices and offer them to public and private utilities and sub-metering service providers in France, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom and any  other countries where the Sigfox network is available.

The agreement covers metering devices for water, heat, gas and electricity already offered by Apator, which now will be equipped with Sigfox modules, and the development of entirely new devices based on the opportunities facilitated by Sigfox technology.

Apator is a market leader in metering equipment for all utilities (prepayment and post-payment electrical energy meters, heat meters, gas meters, water meters, temperature sensors). 

Every European Digital Poland is an Internet of Things solutions provider, incorporating device design and network operator.

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