Internet of Things


We at Every European Digital believe the industrial internet of things can work wonders. It makes parameter monitoring flexible and inexpensive, thereby enabling a vast range of new services and improving most of existing ones!
The internet of things enables process automation that releases employees from repetitive and boring tasks. Industrial internet of things is exciting! We are having fun developing use cases, designing devices and applications, and operating internet of things network with the goal to make life easier and safer, not to mention the considerable cost savings we enable for businesses.

This is what we do at Every European Digital.


    Traditional maintenance of railway infrastructure is costly and largely ineffective for accident prevention. What if rail-tracks could tell us when they need maintenance?

    Fewer accidents

    Information on required maintenance

    Operations & maintenance cost reduction


    Frequency and duration of power outages experienced by final users is largely local grid dependent. Yet typically failures are first noticed by users, not energy distributors. We can change this!

    Instant information on local outages

    Infrastructure theft detection

    Fewer outages


    Today’s office equipment is maintained by field engineers. Imagine how customer satisfaction could improve with predictive maintenance messages from the copiers themselves!

    Information on required maintenance

    Improved field force efficiency

    Office machines that always work!


    Smartmeters allow not only precise billing and timely usage information but also detect leakage, excessive usage and theft when they happen!

    Alarm on leakage or overusage

    Reduction of theft

    Improved revenues and efficiency


    Sensors allow real-time monitoring of office conditions: heat, light, humidity, air quality and occupancy. All of which provides for improved working conditions and energy savings!

    Happy employees

    Unnecessary lighting eliminated

    Energy consumption reduced by 20%

  • Waste management

    Sensors installed in waste bins measure the fill-rate, and communicate it to the waste management company, thereby optimizing their collection routes. The city stays clean, with less energy and less cost!

    No more overflowing bins

    No more truck-rolls to empty bins

    40% savings on logistics costs


    Sensors allow cyclists to keep track of their ride - when it has been moved for the wrong reason! In the event of theft, the sensor provides location information to help recover the bike.

    Alarm on theft detected

    Location of missing bicycle

    Fewer stolen bicycles


    Sensors in parking spaces indicate occupied or free status. Together with mobile applications and street panels, this system helps drivers park faster and easier.

    Happy residents

    Less CO2 emitted

    City traffic reduced by 40%


    Sensors measure noise, air pollution and composition, radiation, etc allowing timely action to be taken by city officials and emergency teams.

    Happy residents

    Urban risks reduced

    Emergency responsiveness increased


    Sensors located in the wild, with battery life of many years, measure risk of drougt, fire and flooding as well as level of water and air pollution.

    Alarm on pollution detected

    Early warning on flooding

    No more forest fires


If the INTERNET of THINGS is to make an impact, devices need to be inexpensive, low on power consumption, and easy to install. We only consider technologies that deliver on this promise. The world is already flooded with data, so we focus on SMART devices that provide purposeful information as opposed to a stream of unfiltered 'noise'.

We believe there is no one ideal technology for every usecase. We support Sigfox, LoRa, 2G, NBIoT, LTE-M, BLE, NFC and others.

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